Husband, writer, retro game enthusiast. Traveling the world with my wife Christy and Wonder Dog Layla in search of decent WIFI and a few zinger lines for my obituary. Current high score in Galaga is 762,470.
RV Life

It’s Time to Move On

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One thing I’ve realized over the past nine months is that our lives are simply a collection of seasons. Those seasons are comprised of experiences, and those experiences—whether good, bad, or ugly—become our story. During this year alone, we’ve experienced

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RV Life

Slidegate 2016

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So, if you've been with us from the start, you know we've had a bit of trouble with our RV. Broken windows, malfunctioning slides, and plumbing issues galore. Well, I'm happy to report that our window is going to be

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Life on the Road

A Rocky Start

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A couple months ago, Christy and I decided to trade in a relatively comfortable life in Nashville for a relatively unpredictable life out on the road. Leading up to our departure, our time was split between our jobs and what seemed

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