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Welcome Home: RV Renovation Part 2

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5 gallons of paint and primer, 17 trips to Home Depot, countless hours of sanding, priming, painting, furniture shopping, and one all-nighter later, the RV renovation is complete, and we finally have what feels like home!

We’ve been enjoying our new space for a couple of weeks now, and we couldn’t be more pleased. There’s nothing better than a comfortable and welcoming space to call home, especially when that home has wheels.

We can wheel it to the mountains.

We can wheel it to beach.

We can wheel it to the desert.

We can wheel it to your street.

After 4 weeks in San Antonio, we’re on a week-by-week jaunt across New Mexico. While exploring the Land of Enchantment, we’ve been thrilled to pull our home into some stunning locations, and maybe, just maybe, I’m starting to admit that all those hours of work were worth it.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new space!!

Here’s the view of the rear of the camper.

RV Renovation Rear Entertainment

WHAT?!?!?! Does that look like a completely different room or what?!?!

RV Renovation Living Area

Hello bright, cheerful space!

Since we hadn’t budgeted for a complete renovation, we set some cost parameters on the fly. Thankfully, we found some deals, and Ikea is always a solid go to for budget-friendly items. Our new couch was our first win–West Elm outlet in San Antonio for $300!! Score!

The wall behind our stove and couch is covered in Stikwood. Real wood. Thin sheets. We’ve used it in our bedroom and love the warm feel it gives the space. It’s kinda pricey, but we found a open box that had been returned at the West Elm outlet for less than $100.

RV Renovation Seating Area

To replace the recliners, we ended up buying (and then returning) two leather chairs that looked great but were not comfortable. Several trips to Ikea later, I finally found a chair that’s comfortable for watching TV or curling up with a good book.

Look at those purple tulips! Ah… spring is here!

RV Renovation Reading Nook

Since we work from home, we really wanted a dining space that doubled as a work space. A bar-height table that would allow us to stand or sit to work was ideal. We found a table at Ikea with adjustable legs. We are keeping our eyes peeled for a real solid wood top, but in the meantime, the current configuration is practical.

RV Renovation Table/Workspace

This is the view from the back of the camper.

RV Renovation Kitchen

This little nook has some of our favorite things: an 1800’s map of Nashville, TN (replica), framed quote by J.R. Tolkein:”Not all who wander are lost,” and a TN banner from the fantastic Needle & Grain.

Command Strips are the way to go! Aside from no hole in the wall, I’ve already changed the placement of pictures several times. It’s quick and easy when you use these removable adhesive strips.

RV Renovation Cabinets

Thanks for stopping by and taking a tour of our little home. Would love to hear what you think of the original colors and design vs. our renovations. Here’s a link to the original photos.


  1. I couldn’t say “love” enough times, to tell you how much I love it!!!!! You guys have done an awesome job! It looks fantastic!!! So glad it feels more like home to you!

  2. Wow means ‘with out words’ and that is my reaction. You both did a superb renovation! Reminds me of an english beach cottage. Sort of breezy feeling. Good job and outstanding results!

  3. I have anxiously awaited the update with the AFTER pictures. I was too accustomed to seeing home improvement shows where you see it all in one hour (What, it doesn’t really happen that quickly??!). It looks like a totally different space. It looks so much bigger and brighter and fresh. While I give credit to Cary for his contribution, you are a talented designer, Christy! Just beautiful.

    Already looking forward to your next check-in blog. Have fun and be safe!

    1. Thanks Vickie! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if home renovations could take place in an hour? 🙂 Thanks for following along. Hope you and Tom are doing well!

  4. Love it!!! We’re in the midst of our RV Reno….I’ve been covering the Stikwood for a while, just wondering which one you used as I love the color/grain….

    1. In our living space we used the Reclaimed Sierra Gold. It is warm with gold undertones. We used the Reclaimed Weathered Wood in our bedroom. It has cool gray undertones. Based upon our experience, one piece of advice I would give, is to let the wood dry out/cure before installing. The Sierra Gold wood dried/shrunk after installation. So there are small spaces between the planks now. I guess that’s the downside of driving to the desert after installing it. 🙂

  5. It looks absolutely amazing!!! Well done, friends! Is there a market for starting an RV renovation business? 😉

  6. That is just gorgeous!!! It looks completely different!!! It’s fun seeing what y’all will come up with next!! Hugs and love to you both!!

  7. You’ve done a wonderful job – it’s beautiful! I wonder how you’ve found any time for work or sightseeing.

  8. Amazing! When I saw the first picture, I honestly thought it was not your RV but a posted picture of a home. Wow! I love it!! Great job and work on it.

  9. omg your reno is amazing!! love it! I want to do something like this too but was wondering if you had difficulty moving out the sleeper sofa and recliners and moving in the new furniture? It doesn’t look like the entry door to RVs is very wide…Obviously you accomplished it. Was it difficult? I see used RV’s I might be interested in purchasing but would definitely want to tear out and replace the sofa! thanks for sharing your insights/experience with this!

    1. Hello Andrea – Thank you! We did have a little bit of trouble moving the old recliners and sleeper sofa out. Luckily the recliners came apart pretty easily, but the sofa was more of a challenge. We measured our entry door and knew what size we had to work with. The upside to IKEA furniture is that it comes packed in flat boxes and requires assembly, which allowed us to assemble the pieces inside. Our sofa from West Elm has a low profile – key feature. Good luck!!

  10. Hi. I want my r.v, to look just like this when it grows up! I would love to know what shades of white and grey paint you used?

  11. Wow came arias your post on Pinterest, and absolutely love how you transformed your space! Does not look like an ugly generic Tv, but looks like a beautiful cozy and bright home! Well done! And now I want to move into an rv haha. We are already in a tiny living house 🙂

  12. fantastic (sorry we are late to the picts/posts). Love the table idea in the slide. We have pondered how that would look in ours and how we could fit a few extra things in!

  13. I have tried and tried to hang things with those strips and every time the photos fall. No matter what I do they never seam to work. Love the new look. We are planning to do ours over soon. Living room and new bed are at the top of the list. Paint and flooring are next. We are going full time RV living in our 5th wheel with triple slides. Working on fixing the Hot Water Heater now. So glad the local RV park jas hot showers.

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