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Reflections from the Road: Episode 1

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Halfway through our one-year journey! Three months since we’ve posted. To those out there reading this, thank you for sticking around, for reading, for your comments, thoughts, and encouragement.

Over the next several posts, we’ll share a few things we’ve gleaned, as well as goals we still have.

Constant Gratitude

Elizabeth Gilbert calls it “stubborn gladness.” Cary and I speak often of our gratefulness to be alive, to be living this life on the road, and for each other’s contributions. Even in the midst of our most frustrating moments on the road, my heart cannot help but be grateful for this opportunity, our resources, and this man to share these moments with. This path we have chosen is most likely for a season, but the concepts of movement, of creating new experiences, and of living more in the moment are states of mind that we will take with us going forward.


Being on the move invigorates my soul. Travel days are exciting. Preparing our home, packing up loose items, hitching the truck and trailer, hitting the road–each time there is an anticipation of what lies ahead. Moving into the unknown awakens the heart and mind. Kicks the dust off those neural pathways and creates new ones! Movement, change, and variety make us feel alive. Living in the present has been one of the biggest mental paradigm shifts we’ve made.

Having said that, we still haven’t found the balance between movement and rest. Before we left Nashville, and even to this day, Cary has talked about the idea of staying in one location for a minimum of two weeks, preferably a month. Over the past month, we’ve been in 7 different cities. That’s roughly two locations a week! It’s been a blast for sure. We’ve seen friends and family and some beautiful places–coastal Oregon, the Redwoods, San Francisco, Big Sur, Monterey, and Yosemite–but we are exhausted. We’ve realized that this pace is not sustainable.

So we have a date on the calendar (July 22), and we have a place (Coos Bay, Oregon). We are parking the RV and staying put for one month. To say that we are looking forward to it is an understatement! We NEED it!

Life on the road is treating us well. We’ve had incredible experiences. We’ve yet to meet all of our goals, but we are out here leaning into a life that is making us feel more alive and more present in the now.


  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts after six months on the road. We are celebrating one year in our camper tomorrow (!!!) and I agree wholeheartedly with what you said here. Movement is addicting and it’s hard to stop once you get going — Newton’s first law of motion at work! — but it’s so important to find that balance. The nomad life is really teaching me to appreciate and embrace the ebbs and flows of life. We’re still working on figuring it out.

    Congrats on your six month “travel-versary” 🙂

    1. Congrats on one year! A milestone worthy of celebration! We have enjoyed following you guys on social media. Maybe we’ll meet on the road one day!

  2. Ugh!!! But you are finding balance and I pray it’s satisfying. I see so much God and grace in what you two are doing and I wish uprooting five people would make more sense right now. But prayers and excitement for you are coming from The Robbins in Spring Hill!! Love you!

    1. Thank you Gaby for your observations and kind words. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but we hope to encourage others to discover and lean into the adventurous life that suits them. Hope you and your family are doing well! Much love!

  3. Hi, Christy. You are absolutely right. Your message is a common theme we keep seeing throughout the RV culture. And that’s why when we hit the road permanently next year, our goal is to take it slow as we park our Rig one month at a time. That way, we will be able to experience the area at a much smoother pace and soak in the new environment with wonderment and joy. Thanks for sharing your story. We’re right behind you!

    1. Congrats on full-timing! RV’ing is such a wonderful lifestyle and taking at the pace you guys are planning would be wonderful. Thanks for the comments. Safe travels and enjoy the road!

  4. I enjoyed reading the blog so much – sounds like you’re having a wonderful time and seeing much of God’s beautiful creation.

  5. We are a week away from taking off full time and it’s so funny, I have read and read and read some more about how important it is to slow down and not run around like a crazy person. And I know that’s the right answer and that was totally my plan, but it’s SO hard to do! There’s just so much to see and do and experience. I just want to run around like a crazy person. Dammit.

    1. Laura – There is SO MUCH to see and do. I get sucked into the “gotta see it all now” black hole in an instant. There is definitely an ebb and flow that suits each traveler. As we wrap up our month in one place, we are grateful for the opportunity to plug into one community – site see, volunteer, and meet the locals. Now we are ready to hit the road again. Look forward to following your adventures!

  6. Hi Christy.

    Just noticed your blog and love what you did with your fifth wheel. The big debate at our house over our fifth wheel is over the uncomfortable furnishings. How did you manage to get the ikea couches into the 5th wheel . Did you have to remove one of the tip outs? Also how do you secure the new furniture ?

    Ft Mc Murray aAlberta

    1. Hello Sheri – Ikea furniture is unassembled and packaged in flat boxes when you purchase it. We were able to take the individual pieces and assemble them in the camper. The couch we purchased from West Elm and has a low back (or overall height). We measured our door opening before purchasing it to make sure it would fit. To secure the furniture we use straps or foam wedges to keep things from moving. Best!

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