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It’s Time to Move On

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One thing I’ve realized over the past nine months is that our lives are simply a collection of seasons. Those seasons are comprised of experiences, and those experiences—whether good, bad, or ugly—become our story. During this year alone, we’ve experienced exhilarating highs, waddled through debilitating lows, and cut a canal through the in-between like a hot knife through fermented cream.

We had originally planned to spend the remainder of this yearlong adventure out west, but as we got to talking about it, hunkering down for the fall just didn’t seem like a good end to this season’s story, so we’ve decided to shake it up a bit. To that end, today we pack up the RV and set out on a 3,600-mile road trip to the northeast for the fall.

An old adage claims, “Getting there is half the fun.” I sure hope that’s true, because we’ll be “getting there” for a while. As you can tell by the map below, we’ll cross 10+ states, 3 time zones, and the Canadian border twice before arriving in Maine, our first state to explore. But we think it’ll be worth it.

Cross Country Travels Sept 2016

As always, we’ll be posting to social media along the way and will try to update the blog as often as we can. Until then, we’ll be looking for you out there, in every thing we see.

“It’s time to move on. It’s time to get going. What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing. But under my feet, baby, grass is growing. Yeah, it’s time to move on. It’s time to get going.” – Tom Petty

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