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Work and Play

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Last Monday morning, we were up bright and early, pulling into Camping World as soon as the gates opened. We left our Mountaineer in the hands of Mike and immediately hopped on I-10 to head to Rosemary Beach, FL.

We were able to score a last-minute deal on a charming carriage house. One week on the beach without breaking the bank sounded divine… just what we needed to reset!

Week one had it series of challenges and bumps in the road. So we were curious to see how week two was going to stack up. Thankfully, sometimes we are given blessings in disguise. What could have been a week in waiting turned into an opportunity to find our balance between work and play. You see, before we even started this adventure we both knew we’d have to find a way to make money while out on the road. Turns out we weren’t the winners of the Powerball jackpot. Nailing down remote jobs was one of our criteria for making this new lifestyle doable.

Leading up to our departure from Nashville, Cary had been doing freelance marketing work for several months. He had a few clients located across the U.S. that kept him busy and offered the benefit of working from wherever he wanted. The technology start-up I was working for was being acquired and my position was (conveniently for me) being eliminated in November. That’s when we really started dreaming. Not just dreaming, but writing down options and discussing how and what if? What if we could make this “work remotely and travel” way of living possible?

We began doing research. Turns out there are other couples and families living this traveling lifestyle right now. With help from their sites we put together a rough budget. Once we knew the income we needed each month, we began looking for jobs to cover our cost of living.

Writing this now makes it seem so simple. Well, it is. And then it isn’t. When we compare our income over the last several years to our anticipated income for this year, this option seems like a ridiculous choice. But the thing is, the income didn’t equate to happiness (bet you’ve never heard that one before). For us, the corporate jobs, titles, benefits, salaries (which certainly had their perks) led us down the path of security, risk-adverseness, and day after day of status quo. We weren’t altogether unhappy. We just had an itch and we wanted more. A desire to live where failure is an option and where we felt more alive.

So here we are with new careers that give us freedom to do what we’re doing.

Back to Week Two – We are grateful for this past week. We have been able to find our groove with our work. I started my new remote gig on January 4th, only 2 days after we pulled out of Nashville. And considering how our first week of travels went, it’s a miracle that I was able to focus enough to dive into another new thing. While we enjoyed our walks around this mesmerizing town and back and forth to the beach, we spent the majority of this past week working. Focusing almost completely on work actually.

So when Saturday morning rolled around, we jumped out of bed early…Ready for the weekend and ready to play!!

We have walked the beach in the misty fog of the early morning…

Biked 17 miles to buy fresh produce and a cheese danish…

Cary Biking Rosemary

Eaten the best seafood stew…

Stinky's Seafood Stew

Visited several state parks…

Prayer of the Woods

Hiked trails through sand dunes…

Grayton Beach Dunes

Discovered naturally occurring dune lakes…

Deer Lake

Picked burs and stickers out of paws (“Mom, could you buy me some hiking shoes?”)…

'Lil Adventurer

Zoomed down super slides…

And played until we crashed on our beach house bed.

Crash Pad

I’d say week two has been a huge blessing in disguise.


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